A Big Chunk of Change in Transportation Field—Cars & Scooters


Abstract: The world is changing due to the development of technology. The transportation filed benefits most from it since the technology constantly upgrades cars as well as creates innovative scooters and skateboard.

Our cars are getting smarter and smarter: They may help you park or switch lanes, dictate directions if you need them, link up with your phone to play your calls and music or make you stop before it's too late.

It's reported that an average car already has millions of lines of code, and some recent research has shown that the technological offerings are the deciding factors in new car purchases. A new study by Auto-trader found that 70% of shoppers preferred vehicles with autonomous features like park assist, collision avoidance and automatic braking.




It's a big shift in the industry and both the automakers and technology companies are racing to cash in. Companies like Google, Tesla, Ford, Toyota, BMW and Uber are striking partnerships and making plans to equip our cars with more autonomous features on the way toward a fully self-balancing vehicle.

Apart from auto industry, the scooter sector refuses to admit being inferior. Segway the path-founder of this filed invented two-wheeled electric scooter to solve the short-distance journey. Then a certain company works on a new model electric unicycle with pedals for cycling.


Airwheel Z3


It seems a sort of acrobatics on the single wheel, rather than a commuting way. Lately booth Solowheel and Airwheel have created an innovative unicycle with hub-less design.

The highlight could be the top-mounted batter pack fixed on the operating bar allowing riders to swap out the exhausted battery pack easily. It can be a great leap in the two-wheeler world in terms of the handiness and range.

It's common to see guys to play skateboards with four wheels, and it's rare to watch someone to ride the one-wheel type skateboard. The biggest advantage is that it offers users more flexibility in contrast with the normal one.