Airwheel E6 smart e bike Opens a New Intelligent and Portable Era 2016

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Abstract: Traditional e bikes with a large battery leaves people the impression of bulkiness. Airwheel e bike E6, with foldable and intelligent features will redefine people's concept of electric bikes.

Airwheel e bike E6 has been reputed for its portability and unique designs. All the features are designed in a bid to achieve higher level of comfortability. Whether in terms of price, designing and performance, it is a practical and multi-functional vehicle.

The small size of E6 has enabled it to be more portable and thus, it can be connected with public transportation like buses, subways and trains. E6 occupies very little space on the road and it can move freely in the crowds. It has adopted a 8 inch tire. E6 has a multi-folding system, which means, the main body, saddle, handle bars and pedals can all be folded. It weighs 12.6kg. Even girls can lift it without burden.


Airwheel E6


Airwheel folding electric bike E6 also possesses intelligent features. E6 is coupled with car-level Li-ion battery. An USB port added to the battery has made it possible to serve as a portable power supply for other electric devices. There is an APP customized for E6 provides services like real-time positioning, riding data checking, personal setting, alarm system.

Many people fear that small devices may be stolen. But for Airwheel E6, they can take them anywhere as it is so light-weighted. Even when the vehicle is not by their side, the anti-theft system will reassure them. An intelligent EBS braking system on E6 offers optimized power scheme, agility and stability in emergency braking after accurate calculation. These intelligent features provide security guarantee as well as good user experience for customers.


Airwheel E6


The good quality of Airwheel electric bike depends on the good materials chosen, the best accessories, and the craftsmanship. Airwheel has insisted a consistent rigorous style of refining each detail, from product development to quality test. That is how E6 came into being.