Airwheel electric unicycle Can Push a Car


Abstract: Airwheel is not limited to a transporter. Recently, Parkour lovers are seen rolling Airwheel Q1 doing fancy tricks on squares of UK. They even push a stalled car when riding on Airwheel.

Airwheel, self balance electric unicycle,2-wheeled electric scooter

Airwheel is an incredible electric unicycle that quite literally revolutionizes the personal transportation market. It becomes more and more popular around the world mainly as a commute alternative to cars and bicycles. Using gyroscope technology and powered by Lithium battery, Airwheel is environmental-friendly and you don’t have to pedal or use your arms to steer. AirWheel is already being dubbed as the “must have gadget”.
Unlimited to a commuting tool, The Airwheel is the ultimate gadget for all, whether you want it for fun, practicality or both. In UK, Airwheel was seen used in parkour. Parkour lovers were seen doing fancy tricks on Airwheel. Judging from the look, it’s the Airwheel Q-series, which is twin-wheeled. The players rode on Airwheels to do circles, bypass obstacles. They can even stood upside down on it and sit on it when rolling. The most amazing part perhaps is that they rolled on the Airwheel and tried to push a stalled car.
Actually, The Airwheel has an inbuilt gyroscope which helps the device to keep itself balanced. So it’s not as difficult to learn as you imagined. They are extremely fast charging and the battery makes these units extremely eco-friendly and efficient in going across pavements, off road and even uphill.

Airwheel, electric unicycle,electric scooter,self-balance unicycle

The dual-wheel design of the Airwheel Q1 provides a more stable, easier to master riding experience. The Q1 features a soft, comfortable chassis. It is tough, and easy to clean. It has 2 precision aluminum pedals either side to function as a mounting surface for you to stand on. Compared to earlier models, it has upgraded logic circuitry, increased battery range and a generous pedal platform area.

Airwheel can be great fun whether you use it as an alternative to a bicycle or use it as a sporting device. Once you are on Airwheel, you will be the center of people’s attention.

electric scooter, self-balance unicycle