Airwheel X8 Review: Enjoy the Learning Process


Abstract: The Airwheel X8 is a self-balancing electric unicycle that is easy to learn and fun to ride. Once you’ve mastered the wheel, you’ll be impressed with how stable it felt going forward and back.

Airwheel X8 Review: Enjoy the Learning Process

I watched many videos and read many reviews before ordering the Airwheel X8. I was intrigued by the concept of this gyro-stabilized device that rolls with one wheel. Then there was that first try while leaning against a wall and tentatively learning to move the Airwheel X8 forward and back gently. I was very impressed with how stable it felt going forward and back.

After that, it was pure frustration for hours of practice, and sore shins, even after taping two layers of knee pads to the device. Though the Airwheel X8 is self-balanced, I couldn’t go more than a few feet before losing my balance to one side or the other and having to step off. I knew I’d have to learn to turn in order to keep the thing under my center of gravity as I fell to the side, but it wasn’t easy to get the hang of it.

Then, by accident, I began tilting the thing between my feet, leaning it left or right even more than I was tilting my whole body. Soon I was able to control the device precisely, and at very low speeds. I could turn completely in the width of a sidewalk. Another benefit of not putting a death grip on the pads with my shins is that my bruises disappeared, and I was much more relaxed. I took off the extra pads, and now my shins only make gentle contact with the device. It’s almost as if I’m barely touching the electric unicycle with my shins. Most of the control is through the bottom of my feet.

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It took me many hours of practice to get to this point of being as comfortable on the Airwheel X8 as I am on a bike. Persevere and you will get there too.

The Airwheel X8 is a tough device. I’ve dumped it on the pavement many times, and aside from getting scuffed up a bit, I haven’t had an operational problem with it yet. I have no qualms about letting people try it. I offer them the training strap so they don’t have to constantly pick it up and reset it, but I don’t cringe if they crash it.

self balance electric unicycle ,2-wheeled electric scooter