Casual Talks on Airwheel electric scooter manufacturer


Abstract: Electric unicycle has been an increasing concern and an amazing way of commuting for quite a few white collars. Today, some casual talks will be made on unicycle in the form of Q&A.

Presumably electric unicycle is now familiar to everyone. The following Q&As will provide more information.

1) Why electric cycle is chosen as a way of commuting?


X5 electric one wheel


In some large cities, traffic jams are common; in some remote areas, it is rare to see a bus or car. So unicycle is a good option. For instance, one has to walk about 1.5km home from the subway station, which requires some time and physical strength; but it takes only five minutes to get home by riding a unicycle.

2) What advantages and attractions does electric unicycle have?

Unicycle has a good technical core idea of controlling the scooter with center of gravity. And it, unlike other popular scooters on the market, is easy to learn. Besides, these scooters cannot negotiate rugged roads or enter the subway before they are well folded. A electric unicycle, however, can travel on most terrains and be allowed in the subway directly.

3) What’s the difference between a hard and soft electric single-wheeled scooter?

It depends on scooter system and design. A hard unicycle moves forward upon a slight lean forward and stops immediately when a user stands straight. A soft unicycle, however, has a mild buffering when moving forward or braking. In short, a hard scooter is to a soft one what a wooden bench to a sofa.

4) What about safety of unicycle?

Q1 self-balancing scooter no seat


When it comes to safety, indeed every means of transport contains unsafe factors. Owing to sophisticated manufacturing technology, today’s electric unicycle is assured with satisfactory safety except for copycatting products. So it is necessary to have a full understanding of scooter performance and user demands before buying one.

Additionally, users themselves should pay attention to safety-related issues such as starting and braking. Airwheel self-balancing scooter and similar unicycle manufacturers will generally write a protective mechanism into their unicycles. But most of all, users must abide by traffic rules.