Diversity of Airwheel products: electric scooters, motorized skateboard and intelligent helmet

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Abstract: Airwheel holds new products release conference regularly to keep its innovation and competitiveness. The past new products release conferences have brought us a great variety of products, covering intelligent electric scooters, wireless remote control skateboard and intelligent helmet. One of the most important reasons accounting for its increasingly high reputation is its diversification.

In total, there are six different kinds of electric scooters including electric unicycles X series and F series, twin-wheeled electric scooter Q series, double-wheels electric scooter S series, saddle-equipped scooter A series, and foldable electric scooter Z series, together with a series of electric skateboard M series and smart helmet C series.

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From X series to its latest Z series, Airwheel keeps on innovation and upgrading the design to satisfy more individuals' requirements. For instance, Airwheel X series and Q series are designed for entertainment and of course, there are many riders take it as transport modality. S series is typically used in large industrial parks, golf course and airports and so on. Especially the join of Airwheel S8 and S8 enrich its application scenarios. Z series, foldable electric scooters have been well acclaimed among the commuters.

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In addition to these electric scooters, there are a kind of motorized skateboard and street sports helmet. Airwheel M3 wireless remote control skateboard shares the same features with the common electric self-balancing scooter of Airwheel, powered by electricity with producing no emission into the air. Skateboarding can also be an effortless thing. Thanks to the 2.4 G wireless remote control, players are able to control the speed and directions.

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Airwheel C series, the first wearable device—smart helmet released by Airwheel has turned out to be huge success by virtue of the powerful functions. It adopts an integrated technology, with excellent toughness and strength that can bear impact to protect head safety effectively. C5 is specially designed for you to keep you safe and to record the wonderful moments. The built-in wifi modules enable you to share the wonderful videos to your friends via kinds of social media.

In a word, the diversity of Airwheel products is an essential part of its popularity.