Enjoy Some Intelligent Time with an Airwheel 2 wheel self-balancing Electric Scooter

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Abstract: In leisure time, many citizens prefer going outdoors than staying at home. To avoid traffic problems and enjoy some intelligent time, riding an Airwheel intelligent electric scooter is a good choice.

At weekends, which kind of vehicles citizens will choose to have a trip? Ride an electric bicycle, ride a bike or take a bus? If it is so difficult to have an urban trip, how could they have a good time at weekends?

At present, the Airwheel self-balancing electric unicycle is the most eco-friendly vehicle. Someone doesn’t agree with this idea. But a test has proved that one who rode Airwheel electric scooter per hundred meters emitted CO2 20% more than one stood still, and the amount of CO2 was less than one emitted when riding bikes for the same distance. Therefore, Airwheel self-balancing electric scooters are greener than bikes.

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The way of travel in the new age must be low-carbon and user-friendly. To realize self-balancing, the inside smart chips of Airwheel 2-wheeled electric scooters take aerospace attitude control theory, fuzzy software algorithm and gyroscope system. It is safer for riders to control the riding speed in a safe range.

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Besides, in order to follow the trends, Airwheel is developing APPs for its products. As the newest product of Airwheel, A3 two wheel self-balancing electric scooter has a dedicated APP. Other models will be gradually improved. After downloading the APP, A3 can be connected to it by phone. According to one’s likes and habits, the speed of A3 can be adjusted by APP. Riders can monitor data and riding conditions of A3 at any time. It is easier to update and calibrate the self-balancing electric scooter via APP.

If one is fed up with traffic jam, just choose Airwheel intelligent electric scooters. They will bring users some hi-tech intelligent time.