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When mention the portable intelligent scooter, first into your mind is scooter by join venture company, which the price is not cheaper , not everyone could afford, now we will introduce the midrate price portable intelligence electric scooter,

Airwheel Q3

Self design and research portable intelligent scooters are belong to scarcity scooter type, recently, the self balancing portable intelligent scooter outstanding performance, made it more and more high level, more economic and high grade, first choose are Q3 electric unicycle

This is a twin wheeled electric unicycle, so called the twin wheeled unicycle, which basically for convenience for beginner and updated by the one wheel unicycle, besides of convenience, it also increase the contact area with ground, which increase the safety ratio during riding.

Airwheel Q3 balancing scooter features on the driving distance, power lithium battery super driving distance made the unicycle riding distance up to the 65 km, many people surprised, how can the electric unicycle reach the most riding distance up to the 65km, what different between the car? Take patience, compare with the car, the Q3 has lots of capability, the international standard chip, high class sensitivity, not only make people easy riding, and also the safety protect system will cut the unicycle action and protect the safety of rider.

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Airwheel Q5

Many people said, actually the Q5 has no big difference and improvement, it is absolutely , but since Q5enter into the market it has receive popular likes by people, due to it has excellent character, there is no big improvement on battery and motor of Q5, however it satisfied customer’s diversified of unicycle and intelligent using required.

The body of Q5 increased LED twinkle light not only for sure of safety of people go out at night, and also increased the sense of elegant and stylish, meet the diversified change of one unicycle. When mentioned the change, there are different natural silicon, it can gently tearing down, but will not be shaken down when riding, in addition,Q5 pedals widened and rounded edges added, it prevent the hit to rider’s feet and legs, overall, Airwheel Q5 is more perfectionism model, while the price is basically equals to the Q3.

Airwheel one wheel scooter is very popular brand of unicycle industry, whatever the domestic or overseas market, it all great sale quantity, and accumulated a great amount of unicycle buyers, and Fair prices, high quality, belong to Airwheel.