The New Fashion Now is Riding an Intelligent electric scooter and Being an Environmental Protection Activist

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Abstract: The word Fashion is easy to spell, and being fashionable is even easier. It is only about riding an Airwheel intelligent scooter and being an environmental protection activist.


As an ordinary employee of a company, I insist on riding self balancing electric unicycle for work. I believe that environmental protection is the top priority in building a livable city. We always dream about living in such a pleasant environment. When the weather clears up, I can look up into the blue sky and run outside without worrying about heavy haze, let alone wearing a mask when going out.


self-balancing scooter no seat


Many people have realized the importance of environmental preservation. Most of the time, we blame the country and society for pollution. But we ourselves seldom take action in environmental protection. This is actually shifting responsibility. When we complain about others, we forget our own duty. Environmental protection is everyone’s duty.


Environmental protection can be a vogue. As Airwheel self-balancing scooter advocates, Travel Smart, Travel Green. We wish everyone can ride an Airwheel self-balancing scooter and becomes a trendsetter of low-carbon commuting.


Some people think that it is ridiculous for an adult to discuss about vogue. But I think it would be a desirable thing if I can catch people’s attention by being fashionable and call for more participation in low-carbon commuting. It is another way of pursuing dreams. If a role model guides us into the right direction, we will be motivated to pursue our goals. I think this is the same with environmental protection.


Airwheel 2 wheel self-balancing scooter


In our contemporary times, when the urban environment deteriorates and the energy is seriously consumed, we can not keep grumbling. Instead, we should activate a thorough renovation. We will attract more people to ride an electric self-balancing scooter and choose a low-carbon commuting style.


Now I often ride my electric self-balancing scooter to get out. By such a popular device, I am acquainted with some people with same interests. We formed a small group. At the beginning, we ride our scooters to enjoy the beautiful scenery. After  joining some foodies, we scoot to different restaurants. We have no worries about running into traffic jams. Moreover, we become a scenery on the streets. The restaurant owner recognizes us easily the second time we go there. They prefer to give us discount since we successfully attract more people to dine in the restaurant.